Thursday, June 11, 2009

Peter's Birthday

                                          Peter L, age 4

Dear George,


Tuesday (July 9) was Peter’s birthday.  He would have turned 64.  Peter’s been much on my mind these days, probably because Jessica and Sean’s wedding is just a month away.  Peter, of course, would be out of his mind with excitement.  He would be thrilled for Jessica and Sean, proud as always of his beautiful and talented daughter, and eagerly anticipating the assembling of our family members in upstate New York.  Peter was the very soul of our family gatherings, and we will miss his presence tremendously.  The wedding will be in part a joyful testimony to all that he has meant to our family.  I was going through my family files recently, and I ran across the letter below that you wrote two years ago about Peter.  It’s so accurate and eloquent, I thought I would post it here again.






                                                                                                            July 27, 2006


Dear Family and Friends of Peter:


Since I can’t be with you in person, I thought I’d share a few memories of Peter in writing.


I will always remember Peter as a true impish cherub – a wry smile on his face coupled with the pure enthusiasm and affection of a child.  He knew how precious life is and was not about to waste a minute. 


Peter was and continues to be the love glue of the L*** family – tying us together with pictorial memories and history from a fountain that flowed continuously with unbridled Life energy, generosity, and optimism.  We in the family all have a vast collection of his postcards -- the latest and most visible evidence of his work as an artist and archivist of family facts. He served as the joyful family storyteller who seemed to have an inside line on what really happened in the days of old. 


Peter also brought love and passion to his work in the world – building financially successful brokerage offices that owed their strength to the deep loyalty and camaraderie he nurtured in his fellow workers. I remember visiting him at work a few years ago and being struck by a rare sense of ease and devotion that permeated the office. 


Peter loved taking care of people; and he had that special spontaneity that allowed him recognize and solve a need almost within the same instant. When my mother expressed a wish for one of our daughter Rhys’s wedding photos, Peter sent a dozen in a boxed card set.  She was then on his permanent list and when our son Jacob was married, he forwarded her a similar gift. This is just a small example of how he was there for each of us – ready to provide – whenever we needed.


We each make a unique footprint in the path we tread, and Peter’s ability to lead and love, to serve and provide are examples and qualities that can nurture each one of us as we take the next step forward in unfolding our own lives.


I am sure that Peter, wherever he is, is resting in action -- bridging the worlds for us to see more clearly how we truly are all one family.


Love to you all,




  1. Jessica LundgrenJune 19, 2009 at 9:18 PM

    Thank you so much for this. I wish I had read it on his birthday. But, as it is, I am just now seeing it. I copied the letter George wrote and put it into Word so I could save it. I always think of my Dad and George too. It's nice to know that others do as well.

  2. Thanks, David. I am so happy to hear George's words again.

  3. Thanks, F. It made me happy too to run across this.

  4. Hi Jessica. I think George's description was so accurate. He knew your dad very well and loved him greatly.