Wednesday, July 8, 2009

That Andy, Such a Sensitive New-Age Guy!

Dear George,

 A guy named Andy came over this morning and installed the new blinds in our library/TV room, the final touch to Katja’s renovation project.  He was very pleasant, socially adept, unperturbed by barking dogs, and efficient.  The blinds looked elegant.  Afterwards, our conversation went something like this:

A:  Is there a good place for lunch in Clifton?

D:  Biaggio’s is good.  Italian-American.  Habanero is sort of a fast food place.  It has burritos, stuff like that.

A:  My wife works at the Med Center.  She’s coming over to join me.

D:  Oh, your wife is coming over.  Well, Tink’s is the best restaurant in Clifton.  Also Olive’s is excellent.

A:  I’ve been to Tinks.  What does Olive’s serve?

D:  They have an eclectic American menu.  Very good food.

A:  Which one is more of a dive?

D:  Well, I wouldn't call either one of them a dive.  They’re both pretty expensive.  Another place we like is Dewey’s.

A:  My wife did say she wanted to eat at Dewey’s.  Don’t you have a dive in Clifton?

D:  Probably the closest thing to a dive is the Proud Rooster.  It’s a neighborhood joint.  Yeah, you could call it a dive.  It’s been there forever.  Looks like the 1940’s.  Their specialty is fried chicken.

A:  A dive that serves fried chicken.  That sounds good.  I think I’ll take her to the Proud Rooster.

 Just then Mrs. Andy came walking up, an attractive woman, professionally dressed.  Andy shook my hand, thanked me for the advice, and turned to meet his wife who was crossing the street.  I thought to myself, what a great wife.  She would rather go to a dive than to Tinks or Olives.  And Andy too – what a sensitive guy, finding out the one restaurant in Clifton that would be ideal for their rendevouz.   It dawned on me that I have never looked for a dive when Katja and I were going out to eat (even though that would be my first choice).  Thanks to Andy, I am definitely going to change my ways.




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