Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Dear George,


When the humans go on vacation, the dogs get to vacation too.  In this case, Donna took a five-day trip with her friend and colleague Cindy to The Villages in Central Florida, and Sophie came to stay with us in resort-like Clifton.  Sophie, of course, is Mike and Duffy’s younger sister, and they spend so much time together that they constitute a pack.  Nonetheless, it’s a special and exciting occasion when Sophie comes to live with us for a while.

Sophie is very attached to Donna, so the first thing she does with her human’s departure is to sit in front of the gate and stare at it, as if some magic will make her mother reappear.

Finally Sophie gives up and comes in the house.  She goes straight up to the bedroom and jumps in the bed.  I think she must associate this with security since it’s the place that she’s closest to the humans.  She may also want to get there first to establish her place before Duffy and Mike arrive.

Once Katja, gets in bed, everybody gets in.  As you can see, Sophie gets a prime location, up with the humans, while Mike and Duffy are relegated to the lower levels.  

We spend a lot of time walking on Ludlow Avenue.  The three sheepdogs are a wonderful sight, and passing drivers yell out from their happiness in seeing them.

Katja and Sophie, as the only females in the pack, enjoy a special bond, so sometimes they may have a girls-only excursion.

We had some nice trips to Mt. Airy Forest and Burnet Woods on this visit.  The dogs get very excited when they get in the car, and they pant with emotion by the time they reach their destination.

Despite a leash law backed up by $100 fines, I let the dogs run free in the forest.  Sophie and Duffy generally lead the way, while Mike lags behind.  There is a lot of good stuff to sniff.  Sometimes Sophie runs so far ahead that I worry about losing her.

We spent a lot of time watching the US Open over the weekend.  At this particular moment, Sophie seems more interested than does Katja.

One interesting feature of Sophie’s visits is that when the dogs hear a strange noise outside, Sophie begins howling, and Mike and Duffy join in.  They only do this when Sophie is here, and the three of them sound like werewolves on the Scottish moors.


Sophie had a swell time, but she was extremely happy when her Mom returned home.  Now we miss her.



Gmail Comments:

-Ami G (9-10): This saga is adorable, as are all of you!

-Vicki L (9-10): thanks for the great dog report complete with pictures, David. Too wonderful...such cozy happy images. what lucky dogs. love, sis

-Donna D (9-10): oh, david, this is so wonderful!  what great pictures.  i didn't realize she sat by the gate when i left...i think you must have set her there for the picture, right?  i just loved this so much.  thank you!

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