Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hanging Out on Mammoth Street

[Note: This post contains pseudonyms for places and ends with the most disgusting photo ever taken.]

Dear George,

There’s a big gap in our family’s shopping preferences. Katja likes to spend her leisure time shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue, but J and I seek out the Goodwill. It’s always been that way. When J was a kid, we’d go to a nearby neighborhood and check out the used furniture stores, thrift shops, and flea market emporiums. In recent years that business district has upgraded itself with hip boutiques, so now, when J comes to town, we’re more likely to go across the river to downtown Beaufort. Beaufort, of course, has a fancy upscale side, with a booming entertainment complex and an elegant historic residential area. The business district on Mammoth St., however, retains a funky 1940’s feel about it, and it’s there that we like to walk around and take in the sights. It reminds me a bit of my hometown of Menominee. Beaufort was known as “Sin City” in its heyday because of its gambling casinos, nightclubs, and prostitution. It’s been cleaned up since then, though there’s still a lingering aura of disrepute. Here are a few photos that illustrate what I find to be Mammoth St.’s quirky appeal.

In my view, one of the biggest secrets to happiness in life is to collect a lot of weird stuff without spending a lot of money. As you can see below, Mammoth St. is excellent for this pursuit.

If you are into culture rather than consumption, Mammoth St. is known by insiders as a pop art capitol.

Tired? Enjoy some peaceful relaxation at this charming downtown park.

There’s a happy atmosphere on the street because of the friendly citizenry (who include very tall people and talking rabbits).

When Elvis returns, he will undoubtedly live on Mammoth St because he remains so popular here.

While the strip has been cleaned up, there are still a couple of “adult” clubs. The Brass A**, though it has seen better days, remains the most famous.

For your night on the town, high fashion is readily available (especially if you are a gangster’s moll).

Plus numerous salons offer an Extreme Makeover.

Beer and booze flow freely in Beaufort.

This guy had one drink too many. Actually it looks as if he might have been near death. Or maybe he just swallowed too much hot salsa. I’m sure he was dismayed to discover what his innards look like.

So that’s just a sampling of Mammoth St.’s unique ambiance. Let me know if you’re interested -- I’m already ready for another visit.



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