Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Photos: Magic Mushrooms

Dear George,

I am busy pursuing my photography hobby. I go out just about every day to take pictures of one thing or another. I don’t have a well-defined focus yet. Sometimes I concentrate on Mike and Duffy who are definitely the cutest dogs around. City street scenes are another favorite. Also I like to spend time in the forest, shooting this or that. Most recently I’ve been obsessed with mushrooms. Back in the 70’s some of my relatives were very enthusiastic about magic mushrooms. I was older and stuffy and didn’t check it out at the time. But now I’ve discovered that there are quite a few magic mushrooms growing in nearby Burnet Woods. I haven’t eaten any of them to date because I’m not positive that they are the magic mushrooms. However, they definitely seem magical. Here are a few samples.



G-Mail Comments

-Phyllis SS (9-23): Dear Dave, They are so gorgeous. Phyllis

-Donna D (9-23): it's amazing how beautiful they are david! it has to be because you are such a good photographer.

-David L to Donna D (9-23): Thanks, Donna. I think that doing photography makes you alert to how much beauty is out there. It is quite amazing.

-Gail C-L (9-22): Very cool I am impressed. There would certainly be some competition if Peter were around. ;)))) and u could try eating them. Except they might launch u to a different planet!! LOL. G

-Linda C (9-22): yes, cute and magical, DO NOT EAT THEM YOU WILL DIE, A HORRIBLE DEATH, REPEAT DO NOT EAT

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