Friday, April 15, 2011

Winton Woods

Dear George,

Mike and Duffy and I are just back from an overnight camping trip, our first of the year. We went to Winton Woods, one of the two Hamilton County parks that we frequent. It’s a 2,554 acre park located in Cincinnati’s northern suburbs, close enough that it’s a short trip from home, but with sufficient forests and water that you can pretend you’re in northern Wisconsin. The campground is set in a large grove of sixty-foot northern pines, right along Winton Lake. Uncrowded on a mid-April weekday, we got our first choice of campsites (#49) on a hill right at the lake’s edge. We were serenaded by honking Canadian Geese night and day. The weather was in the mid-60’s by day, low forties by night (chilly for the human, just fine for two furry dogs). We took several hikes on the lengthy loop trail that encircles the lake. Here are some pictures of our campground and campsite, Winton Lake, and dog campers. After being cooped up during a long winter, it felt good to be out in the woods again.



G-Mail Comments

-Donna D (4-15): david, you make camping look absolutely wonderful!! donna

-Phyllis S-S (4-15): Dave, So glad you got to go camping. Phyllis

-Jennifer M (4-15): This is the best site! Glad you had a good trip.

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