Thursday, June 2, 2011

V and L's Whirlwind Visit: A Photomontage

J and K with V and L at Burnet Woods

Dear George,

J, K, our granddaugher V, and our grandson L flew up from New Orleans for the Memorial Day weekend to help celebrate Katja’s retirement. Their visit made this a totally memorable time. Here are some photos that J and I took.

We set out for Burnet Woods the first thing on Saturday morning.

The park’s playground has a long concrete slide built by the WPA in the 1930’s. Thrilling for all.

The swings were a big hit too. V prefers the big kids’ swings now.

At the waterfall the children used their magic fishing sticks to catch some perch, trout, whitefish, and tilapia, and the adults gobbled them up.

Then we topped it off with Cheese Coneys and 4-Ways at Skyline Chili.

V helped me walk the sheepdogs when we got home.

On Saturday afternoon we all went to the zoo. It was a perfect summer day.

The elephants were having a swell time in the pool.

V tested her balance and jumping skills at the Children’s Zoo.

L decided he’d like to turn into a turtle.

V cried out, “This goat is eating my dress.” And he actually was.

J told the kids that Cincinnati had the world’s best ice cream. Here are V and Katja sampling some at the Zoo.

On Sunday morning J and K’s friends Bevin and Steve came over for Swedish pancakes, then set off for Burnet Woods.

In the afternoon J, L, and I went to the Art Museum to see the circus posters.

Then we went to a patio party at Donna’s.

V and L and Duffy had a lot of fun in the pool.

Monday morning was time for Clifton’s Memorial Day Parade.

Compared to Mardi Gras parades in NOLA, our neighborhood event was sort of rinky-dink, but the children enjoyed it nonetheless.

We stopped by Graeters for ice cream, but they were closed for the holiday, so we settled for Superman Ice Cream (pretty good too) at United Dairy Farmers.

The Children’s Museum at Union Terminal was a huge success – two hours on nonstop running hither and yon. Here L is amazed by the gravity-defying foam balls.

L takes his parents for a spin in the Metro bus.

By late afternoon Grampa seems to be getting a little sleepy.

The kids came home and cuddled with Na-Na.

Grampa read The Cat in the Hat at bedtime. Time for bed, then up really early on Tuesday morning and off to the airport. It always goes by too quickly, but we had a wonderful time.



G-Mail Comments

-Donna D (6-4): what great pics, david! looks like a wonderful time was had by all! donna


  1. Who has the Swedish pancake recipe???? I'm so glad it is still extant! And, it appears, everyone has thrived through at least the first week of Katja's retirement. Here's to many more!

  2. I just found your blog while searching for Old English Sheepdog-related ones. (I love OES and want to have one someday.) I'll have to read through your archived posts.

    This blog is a wonderful way to honor your brother-in-law, as well. I'm surprised I haven't seen another blog like this one.

    Best wishes, and happy to meet you. :)

  3. Thanks, Val. I'm glad you enjoyed Letters for George. I hope you do get an Old English Sheepdog one day. They have wonderful temperaments, are friendly and loyal. Really good dogs.
    Dave L.