Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cincinnati's Gay Pride Parade

Dear George,

Cincinnati has a reputation, often deserved, for being stodgy and behind the times. Consequently, the annual Gay Pride weekend is like a breath of fresh air. The Pride parade is the centerpiece of events, and it’s been going on for a decade or more. Till recently it originated in Clifton’s Burnet Woods and wound its way west on Ludlow Avenue, winding up in Hoffner Park in nearby Northside. Our house is right at the midpoint of the route. Thus we’ve always gotten our lawn chairs out and enjoyed the one big event of the year that comes to our quiet corner. Last year, however, the parade was relocated to downtown Cincinnati, and lots of people grumbled. The rationale was that the events had outgrown its local Northside neighborhood, and downtown would attract a lot more people. And it did turn out to be a great success, drawing an estimated 26,000 people to three days of festivities, including a ball, a street festival, pub crawls, and the parade itself. This year some family friends were going down to Fountain Square for the parade and invited me along. Even I’d have to admit that this was a much more impressive happening than our Ludlow Ave. version. The crowd was mellow and happy, and there were so many people it was sometimes difficult to move around on the Square. Here are a few photos which give some of the flavor.



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-Phyllis S-S (7-13): Dave, What fun. I want to go next year if we're in town. Your note inspired me. Phyllis

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