Friday, November 11, 2011

Bits of Autumn

Dear George,
We’re approaching the tail end of Autumn and have been enjoying one of Cincinnati’s most pleasant times of the year. Our summers tend to be hot and humid; our winters, gray and slushy. Autumn (and spring) are optimal – moderate temperatures, lots of sunshine, good for outdoor outings. Our furry sheepdogs benefit most. Their energy levels pick up as the weather gets brisker, and we take longer and more pleasurable walks. The leaves have turned, acorns have fallen, and the squirrels are busy gathering up their stores for the winter. Flocks of birds have been heading south. Our neighbors’ pumpkins are out on their front stoops, getting a little saggy by now. The dogs and I went camping at Winton Woods last week, and that will probably do it for the year. Though we can see cold and snow in the offing, we’ll be enjoying this luxurious season for a couple more weeks. I’ve been trying to capture some of its flavor with my camera. Here are a few pics.

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