Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Afterlife Wishes, Part 2 (A Reply by Linda K-C)

Dear Dave,
Well, this was actually such a wonderful post I think "death wishes" would have been fine. Sadly I don't think at our age there is a high demand for our organs, but I am going to look into it since at Stanford they did tell me my ticker was fine.  That was after 3 months of days and days of tests and tests until at month 3 one of my many doctors said, “You’re not anemic are you?”, pulled down my lower eyelids like my dad used to do, read my computer screen, said, “Shit you have never had a CBC count.”  Next day after two units of blood I was as healthy as the person’s blood I had.

Since I don't think anyone wants my organs, I will proceed with my well known plan, as instituted by Arthur, to announce I will be dying soon and then die within the next three weeks. My father did the same thing, and it seemed to work out well for both of  them. 

After that I will let God take over and carry my body up to heaven by his favorite angel, and I will reside in that villa in the sky. Yes, I know if there is a hell my last comment will cause me to go there. 

What if K and J get mixed up about which parent wants what?  A meeting may be in order.  I sure don't want to be in a casket with my eyes gouged out.  Hello to Katja, how is she?

*Note:  Linda lives in Michigan where she is known among friends for her quirky sense of humor.  She is our daughter-in-law K’s mom and our son J’s mother-in-law.   

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