Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Beauty of Gray Days

Dear George,
While we’ve had a couple of snowstorms recently, most of our winter so far has simply been cloudy, chilly, and damp – that humid, biting cold that makes you want to stay indoors by the fire.  Even the sheepdogs are sick of the drizzle and don’t want to go out in it.  It put me in a gloomy mood for weeks until I started taking photos in Burnet Woods and realized how beautiful the forest can be during this season.  With all their leaves on the ground, the trees are like elegant, bare-boned sculptures, and on cloudy days the landscape is a pleasing mix of browns, grays, dull yellows, light greens, and muted pastels.  It makes for striking photographs and reminds me that every season has its own special delights.  So I’ve shed my depression and am making good use of the gray days.  In fact, now I get irritated when the sun comes out because it interferes with my task.  Next I just have to convince the dogs.

G-mail Comments
-Vicki L (1-6): Dear David,  So glad you're out in nature. By the way - you know this sentiment
(the beauty of the stark and barren winter forest) was frequently commented upon by guess who? Love V.
-JML (1-4):  Nice dad
-Donna D (1-3): i'm totally not convinced you have to convince your dogs, especially duffy :)

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