Monday, July 8, 2013

Everybody Loves Sophie

Sophie in the alley off Ludlow Ave. 

Dear George,

Sophie stayed with us for the week while Donna was in Nashville.  It’s always a fun time – everybody loves Sophie. She’s so perky and playful. I think Katja enjoys having another female in the house, and she and Sophie bond more each time.  I just enjoy having three sheepdogs together.  There’s always something going on – the more, the merrier.  They’re such a sight, walking along together on Ludlow Avenue, and adding Sophie to the pack brings pleasure to the entire neighborhood. It’s probably a stretch to say that her brothers truly love her, but they all get along amicably and Mike and Duffy are definitely livened up by her presence.

Sophie, Mike, and Duffy – such a handful

When I see the dogs together, I wonder if there are inborn differences between female and male sheepdogs.  I couldn’t find any clear answers on the Internet, even about dogs in general.  Apparently there’s not much research on the question, and most commentators think that variation among individual dogs outweighs any possible gender differences.  Sophie, Mike, and Duffy are certainly different, and it sort of falls along conventional gender lines, e.g., Mike and Duffy are a little more lazy and reserved.  Compared to the boys, Sophie leads the mournful howling if somebody leaves the house, brings me a tennis ball to play tug-of-war, is eager to take long walks, is more responsive to human commands, knows how to untangle her foot from the leash, lunges after birds on the lawn, gets in bed first to stake out her space, drinks more water, barks at smaller dogs, is more capable of jumping into the car, and “talks” more in general (i.e., squeals, grunts, snorts, barks – even sings).  Maybe all this is a matter of upbringing, since Donna plays with her more, takes her for longer walks, is stricter about commands, and sings along with her.  However, Sophie’s seemed like this she she was a little pup.  I took some pictures to have a keepsake of Sophie’s stay.  Here’s how she was doing.

Sophie poses on the garden wall

Mike and Sophie at Clifton and Ludlow

Sophie at the O'Brien Plaza fountain

Duffy and Sophie at Clifton and Ludlow

Sophie takes a break at the Clifton Plaza

An outing to Burnet Woods

On the trail to the bandstand

At Burnet Woods Lake

Sophie and Duffy at the Jewish Cemetery

In prison on the front porch

The dogs remind me it's almost supper time

Sophie is first in line

One bowl, four minutes

Now nobody wants to go for a walk

Sophie asks for more water

Sophie has her eye on Duffy's kong

And she gets it

Sophie gives Mikey a nuzzle

Sophie especially likes to lie on the air conditioning vent

Sophie and Mike both take a rest

Three sentinels at the top of the stairs

Sophie's favorite spot

She and Katja watch some Wimbledon

Three dogs take up a lot of space in the bed

Sophie and Katja decided they should have their own room

Before you know it, it's time for another day (Sophie, Mike, Duffy)

* * *

G-Mail Comments
-Donna D (7-8):  david, this is so wonderful!  thank you for featuring my sweet sophie.  donna
-Gayle C-L (7-8):  Oh  HOW CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Love it  !!!!

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