Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Golden Tickets

Dear George,
This is the fourth year that the Clifton Cultural Arts Center has hosted The Golden Ticket, a juried art show featuring local artists (painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, fiber).  The first year the exhibition showcased our Clifton neighborhood, selecting artists who lived or worked within a three-mile radius of the Arts Center.  This year’s show expanded nearly tenfold and included 68 artists  from within a 25-mile radius.  Thus it covered the entire metropolitan area.  It’s great to see how the arts are flourishing in our community.  Here’s just a sampling of the many works that Katja and I enjoyed on our recent visit.  The show remains open through October 2.

Ned Stern.  Lunch Counter Man.  Acrylic.  

Clinton Wood III.  Lexington Street Corner.  Oil on panel. 

Ted Borman.  Seaside.  Oil on canvas.

Felix V. Rodriguez.  A Caribbean Soul in Coldland!  Glazed ceramic.  

Tina Tammaro.  A Deeper Dark Than Any Dark.  Oil on canvas.

Karen Heyl.  Fiddle Dee Fern.  Clay, acrylic paint, limestone.  

Yvonne Eijden.  A Rose Without Thorns 2.  Oil.  

Marty Campolo.  Imagine Everything You Can, Then Keep Going.  Acrylic.  

Jason Bohrer.  Rusty Rail Cars.  Aluminum print atop copper linoleum backing.  

Donna Talerico.  Fedora.  Acrylic on canvas.  

Bill Feinberg.  Minyan.  Wire, plaster, paint.  

Adam Havelszky.  Man and Dog.  Acrylic.  

Mark Wiesner.  The Moebius Syndrome.  Mixed media on wood.  

Michelle Heilmann.  Sprung.  Oil on canvas.  

Amy Warner.  The Summer Papa Dies: Lucia and Phoebe.  Oil.

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