Thursday, November 7, 2013

Burnet Woods on November 7, 2013

Dear George,
There’s a cartoon in today’s paper in which a wife asks her balding husband, “What’s the matter, Morris?,” and he replies, “I feel like I’m in the autumn of my life.”  Though she reassures him, that’s just how I was feeling today too.  I figure if I were to live to 90 (an optimistic projection since neither my parents nor my grandparents lived that long), as of today I’ve completed about 85% of my life.  If that were all condensed into a single year, 85% of a year would fall on November 7.  That’s today!  No wonder I’m feeling like Morris. 

In fact, our autumn life has been quite pleasurable of late.  The air’s cooler, which is especially good for the sheepdogs, and I think the air quality has improved.  I’m always in a better mood when the football season starts, particularly this year because of the Bengals’ rejuvenation to date, and now the college and pro basketball seasons are beginning as well.  I’ll go to games at the junior college down the street and am looking forward to it.  A lot of the year’s best movies come out in November and December to beat the deadline for Oscar nominations, and we’ve been enjoying some of the new fall TV lineup.  Halloween’s one of my favorite holidays of the year, and Thanksgiving is often a time when we get together with J and K and our grandkids.   Nearly all of our cultural subscriptions have started up their new seasons – chamber music, the symphony, the university music/theater series.  We’ll go to see Dracula this weekend at Covedale.  I’ve joined Katja in taking classes in the university’s “Learning in Retirement” program this fall, and that’s been interesting.  All in all, we have a busy and enjoyable schedule. 

Our nearby city park, Burnet Woods, keeps me aware of the changing seasons more than anyplace else.  It’s because it takes up two-thirds of the walk between our house and the university, and so I go through the woods several times a week.  Every season is beautiful there.  The winter because of the ice and snow, spring with the buds and wildflowers, a lush green summer, and now the colorful autumn leaves.  I stopped to take some photos on my way to the office today.  Autumn’s looking great in Burnet Woods, and life is good.

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