Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Seasons of Burnet Woods Lake

Dear George,
Our immediate worlds are pretty much made up of the physical and social places in which we hang out.  For me nowadays these include home, our neighborhood business district, campus, the fitness center, the movie theater, the art museum, city and county parks, the grocery store, etc.  One of the most visually pleasing natural settings is Burnet Woods Lake.  I walk along the lake shore several times a week on my way to and from the office, and for a while I’ve been taking a photo or two as I pass by.  Burnet Woods was established as a city park in 1872, and the lake was added in 1875.  As the photos below illustrate, the lake’s views change dramatically from one season to the next.

G-Mail Comments
-Donna D (2-8):  david, these are gorgeous photos!
-Jennifer M (2-5):  These are beautiful photos of Burnet Woods lake. And the spring and summer images are exactly what we need today. I am so tired of this winter!

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