Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Being Five-Point-Five

Dear George,
I’m recently back from a six-day trip to New Orleans, visiting J and K and my grandkids, V and L.  It’s difficult being a long-distance grandparent.  When we’re all together, it’s engrossing and enjoyable, but then it’s another four or five months before we see the kids again.  V and L are now five and a half.  Each time we get together they’re more noticeably grown up – physically, mentally, verbally, socially.  Currently I’d say they are about twenty percent adult.  (Hmm…maybe fifteen percent.)  Things the children and I now share in common include liking dogs and rabbits, ice cream, Mickey Mouse and Batman, Raisin Bran cereal and tacos, hiking in the park, hitting tennis balls, knock knock jokes, and playing checkers and Crazy Eights.  In general, the children are more excitable than the adults, more easily distressed, more curious, more energetic, and more bewildered at times.  They laugh more, cry more, and sleep more deeply.  They’re much more proficient at Spanish (since they go to kindergarten at a 100% Spanish immersion school).  And they’re continually busy learning all sorts of new things. All in all, being five and a half is a remarkable time of life.  Here are some photos of L and V’s activities that I took during my trip.  This is a mere glimpse of what being five and a half is like.

This is V at the age of five
She’s knows how to do many things
You can see that V loves being alive
It’s almost as if her heart sings

L is exactly the same age as V
He can be both serious and funny
All agree that L’s a sweet pea
It’s because his nature’s so sunny

The children love outings to City Park
They hike on the trail to Rock Mountain
Trips to the park are such a lark
Though they don’t let you wade in the fountain

L and V zoomed up in their plane
They traveled for one-point-two miles
They didn’t go all the way to Spain
But they got off with most happy smiles

V’s new bunny is Olivia Rosehop
Her dad built a very strong hutch
Rosehop, I think, is a Mini-Lop
Her fur is so soft to the touch

We went for a hike on Coutourie Trail
V found there a coconut shell
She asked a man if he’d give her his snail
Amazing, that snail didn’t smell

I’d say this rocket could fly to the moon
V and L are all ready to go
The blast-off is scheduled for half past noon
Hey Mom, can you give us some dough?

L and V like to climb up the trees
They’re not even frightened so high
You have to admire such climbers as these
Some day they’ll climb up to the sky

Iko is full of vigor and vim
He races round the yard at top speed
I took many walks round the block with him
On every bush he has peed

Checkers is not so easy to play
But the children are getting quite good
In fact L beat me the other day
Who ever imagined he would?

Our bumper cars gave us huge thrills
We crashed into one another
We collided so hard it gave me the chills
But it didn’t scare V or her brother

Each week L and V go to Sunday School
Their teacher’s name is Miss Sue
L and V always follow the rule
Miss Sue tells them just what to do

L and V got into a bucket of slime
It whirled so fast they got dizzy
The children reported they had a great time
It’s because their noodles were frizzy

L shows great promise at tennis
His forehand gets better each week
L might be a tennis menace
He's not yet close to his peak   

On Thursday V tried on a very fine wig
She hoped she would look like a doozy
I’m afraid that her wig was a little too big
Not a doozy though V did look woozy

The kids took a ride on the merry-go-round
They each had a very fine steed
The horses rose very high off the ground
V and L were great riders indeed

On Wednesday L lost his first tooth
A dollar got rid of his pains
Losing a tooth is a highlight of youth
It shows you that losses can be gains 

V and L zoomed down the slide
They went at a high rate of speed
It looked to me like a most scary ride
But these kids are brave sliders indeed

V fell asleep right on her dad’s hat
His head was a good place to rest
She slept as soundly as an Angora cat
Riding home on dad’s head is the best

G-mail Comments
-Terry O-S (4-2):  Soon you need to send this book to your grandchildren.  (A. A. Milne, “Now We Are Six”)
-JML (4-2):  That's wonderful dad. Can't wait to read it to them later today. Muchas gracias!!

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