Saturday, November 1, 2014

At the Forest's Edge

Dear George,
Burnet Woods is one of Cincinnati’s natural gems.  The 90-acre park is bounded on the south by Martin Luther King Drive and the university; on the east by the Bishop St. student residential district; on the north by Jefferson Avenue’s shops, restaurants, and offices; and on the west by Clifton Avenue, Good Sam Hospital, Hebrew Union College, and various stores and restaurants.  The woods itself is thickly forested, and, once in the middle, a visitor could well be on Isle Royale or the Keewanau Peninsula.  It’s just an amazing thing to have a forest right in the midst of our big city neighborhood.  The park’s boundaries offer that curious mix of a busy urban world on one side and the wilds of a primitive woods on the other.  Here are some late October photos looking into the forest from its edge, mostly along Clifton and Jefferson Avenues.

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