Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sophie With Her Brothers

Sophie (middle), Mike (left), Duffy (right)

Dear George,
Donna drove down to Nashville to see Rebekah perform in Death of a Salesman last weekend, and Sophie came to stay with us.  As always, she brightened up our household, and neighbors on the street were glad to see her too.  All the dogs are showing signs of age.  Mike and Duffy turn 13 next month, and Sophie, who had the same parents (Sarah and Abraham), will join their age group in November.  Sophie’s had more frequent and longer walks over the years, so she’s more agile climbing the steps and she’s the only dog who can still jump into the bed.  She gets in first and picks a spot up near the humans’ pillows, while her brothers settle down near the end of the bed.  Katja observed that Sophie’s more interactive than Mike and Duffy are.  When Katja sits down on the couch, Sophie climbs up to join her and rests her head in Katja’s lap.  She’s the only dog who likes being together on the couch.  Three dogs in the bed take up a lot of space, and I retreated to the guest room while Sophie was here.  Remarkably, I fell right asleep, slept soundly through the night, and didn’t need to take a sleeping pill.  After thirteen years of struggling with insomnia, I think I’ve finally discovered what the problem is (i.e., insufficient space for the humans).  When Donna came back on Monday afternoon, Sophie was excited to see her.  In the meantime, she was a perfect guest and a beloved member of our family.

G-mail Comments
-Gayle C-L (3-25): Very Cute! 
-Donna D (3-24): david, you are so sweet to do this blog entry.   Just so you know i picked up sophie on sunday afternoon, not monday.  oh well.... :)

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