Friday, February 24, 2017

Grandkid Poem

Dear George,
Here is a poem about our grandkids, L and V.  It’s hard to say whether this actually happened or whether it’s made up from alternative facts.

V and L’s Fantastic Adventure

L and V had just turned eight
They were nervous that life might get boring
They snuck out at midnight and boarded a ship
Prepared for some serious exploring
The ship ran into a raging storm
The children were tossed in the ocean
Over the waves V saw a White Whale
She beckoned with a friendly motion

The whale carried the children back to the shore
And deposited them right on the beach
L and V ran into the jungle
They ate coconuts and a peach

The jungle was filled with many different creatures
Hippos, giraffes, kangaroos
L made friends with an eight-foot lion
And V gave the zebras tattoos

Just then a band of pirates captured the kids
And locked them up tight in a tank
They were chained to the walls and hung upside down 
Mere hours till they’d walk the gangplank

But L figured out how to undo his chains
He undid his sister V’s too 
They snuck right out of that prison cell
And escaped without leaving a clue

On the jungle trail they heard loud snorting
A giant dragon breathing fire and smoke
V asked the dragon to be their friend
He grinned as he gave her a poke

The children jumped onto the dragon’s back
And they flew to the top of the mountain
There they discovered the ancient one 
Saying prayers at a mystical fountain

The ancient one told them secrets of life
And instructed them in potions and spells 
L read the future from a crystal ball
And V learned to ring magic bells

The dragon then flew them down to the beach
And soon they were back on a freighter
Three weeks at sea, they were home again

Their parents’ gift?  A pink alligator!


  1. Love it! I see glimmerings of your own childhood fantasies and ghost stories around the bonfire.

  2. Thanks, Terry. Those ghost stories were from YMCA camp. They were an inspiration.