Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sweetheart Visit

Dear George,
We had our spring family get-together last weekend when our son J drove up from New Orleans with our granddaughter V and grandson L.  The children are turning nine in September and continue to grow up at a steady pace.  V had a new haircut which was quite “in”, and L had grown 7 inches in the past year.  They successfully completed their first year in their new school (switching from Spanish-speaking to English-speaking).  Their grandfather tested them on multiplication and spelling, and they are definitely whizzes.  Here are some of the things that we did.

On the way up from New Orleans
Our group stopped at Mammoth Cave
That is my favorite spot on earth
J learned it was mapped by a slave

Saturday morning we went to the zoo
The elephant swam in his pool
We saw Fiona’s huge parents.
And the painted dogs were so cool

The children love eating at Skyline
They each had a junior three-way
Chili and cheese is addictive
The energy lasts a full day

From Skyline we went down to Graeter’s
Our street is so good for ice cream
The children lapped up their lemon sorbet
I think they had found their true dream

The children like to search in our attic
They find all this interesting stuff
V picked a pair of dolls to bring home
L seemed to think two were enough

Donna came by for a visit
She brought fresh rugula to share
V showed her all of her animals
Donna thought the children so fair

Our Father’s Day brunch was at Big Boy
Bacon and eggs and French toast
We had two fathers in our family group
And both enjoyed it the most

The Museum Center had costumes from Star Wars
Chewbaca, Yoda, Darth Vader
The costumes were fantastic and elegant
Lord Sith was clearly the nadir

Later we drove to the Valley Thrift
It’s the top of our local thrift stores
V picked out the best bathrobe ever
While I bought a few dinosaurs

We all went for pizza at Deweys
Plain for L, mushrooms for V
The grownups had the Bronx Bomber
We ate every slice but for three

We walked down the street to Toku Baru
J gave the kids twelve bucks to spend
V picked out an incense burner
And L chose spinners by the end

Monday we went to the Sunlite Pool
Though I got us lost on the way
The children loved all the sprays and slides
Coney Island was such a fine day

Katja prepared a filet mignon dinner
It was the very last step of their stay
Our sweethearts set off at nine p.m.
Thirteen hours, they stopped on the way

All of these visits are wonderful
And all of them wind up too quick
The children grow more every single time
Keeping up with the youth is some trick

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