Sunday, February 7, 2010


Dear George,

As a U.P. native, I’ve always been ambivalent about winters in Cincinnati.  We do get winter here, of course – cold weather, occasional snow, icy sidewalks, high heating bills.  But it doesn’t seem genuine.  The temperatures fluctuate between 30 and 40 most of the time, and, when we do get a snowfall, the sidewalks quickly turn to slush and the snowbanks turn gray from air pollution.  By February I find myself wishing that we lived in Florida or Arizona, thoughts that are new to me and likely associated with aging.  Then, as happened this weekend, we get a real snowfall and I feel more in tune with the environment.  Our storm wasn’t as dramatic as Washington D.C. with its 30 inches.  But there was half a foot of snow on our lawn this morning.  The sheepdogs enjoy it, even though they’re less likely to get a good walk.  Katja cancelled her plans to go to the opera broadcast at Springdale cinemas, and I skipped the monthly Dayton flea market.  It was so white and sparkly outside, though, that it was a good time for a photo expedition.  I took the pictures below while walking around our block.  The first one is the westward view of Ludlow Ave. from our front sidewalk, and the last one is the yew tree in our front yard.   It’s as pretty out there as it’s been so far this year.



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Donna D (2-8): These are awesome!

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