Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sophie, Looking Her Best for Easter Sunday

Dear George,

Here is a photo of Sophie, all decked out for Easter Sunday.  This was taken at Eden Park.  It was a beautiful spring day, and the park was filled with people, many in their finery from church.  Compared to her older brothers, Sophie is definitely the most independent of the three sheepdogs.  She runs around more, wanders off at greater distances, and goes crazy when she sees a squirrel, even if it’s forty feet in the air. When the rest of the group takes a break from walking, Sophie lays down in the grass to take a rest or finds some dirt to roll around in and get cool.  For this picture she found some good stuff outside the Playhouse in the Park to decorate herself with.  A man from the Playhouse walked over to meet the sheepdogs.  It turned out that he was an actor playing Superman in an upcoming theater production.  Mikey was the friendliest, Duffy the most standoffish, but it was Sophie who got the most attention from Superman because she was looking so cute.



G-Mail Comments:

-Linda C (4-7): Great photo.

-Jennifer M (4-7): What a funny dog!  (Notice how I didn't say "girl" or "person" because she's not?)

-Donna D (4-7): I love this!!!

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