Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Twenty Months Old: What Was That Like?

Dear George,

It’s been years since Katja and I have spent much time around kids, and our granddaughter V is a vivid reminder of what a miracle the process of development is.  It’s almost inconceivable how tiny infants -- pretty much confined to gurgling, crying, sneezing, kicking their legs, etc. -- become transformed into a full-fledged human being who can do somersaults on a trampoline, master an IPod, and solve algebraic equations.  At 20 months, V is somewhere in the middle, caught up in the crucial transition from babyhood into kidhood.  She understands an impressive amount of adult talk, picks up new words left and right, and is getting increasingly sophisticated in her verbalizations.  It’s hard to even imagine what the world looks like from her perspective.  Here are some photos from V and J’s recent visit to Cincinnati which give us at least a few glimpses.

V has gotten a lot more mobile than when we last saw her in New Orleans, and it has opened up a much expanded physical world to her.  Here she is running down the street with Calvin.  She’s starting to keep up with the big kids.

Running is exciting, but it won’t be long before V can maneuver this scooter on her own.

We had a lot of toys available in the house, but nothing was more fun than playing peek-a-boo with the adults while hiding inside the big box.

The bird bath too held endless fascination.

And digging up the buried sandal that Eleanor had hidden in the mulch was the most exciting.

V was busy testing her mastery of the world.  While she gets a little steering help from her dad, she is definitely strong enough carry the big log.

It also seemed desirable to carry the heavy jug of windshield washer fluid back onto the porch. 

Even going for a walk in the neighborhood is more challenging if you can lug along the Sunday newspapers.

Well, V, that’s 160 pounds of sheepdogs that you have by the leash.  Are you sure you’re ready for this next step?

At 20 months, the people world is at least equally important.  Adult strangers, of course, are totally absorbed with and attentive to the darling baby.  Here’s dad and kid at Katja’s workplace.  V, friendly and secure in herself, responded to an endless parade of admirers.

All in all, though, V was happiest being with her own dad.



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-Kiersta KB (6-9): dave, you made my day! see you this weekend in california!

love, kiersta


  1. Oh my! This wore me out almost as quickly as being there. LOL
    My great grandson turned 2 yesterday and I've seen him go through 4 adults and not run down. To have that energy. *sigh*

  2. I agree, Maribeth. That two year old energy is astonishing. (But then it is accompanied by a lot of deep sleep too.)