Sunday, October 17, 2010

Burnet Woods, October Magic

Map: Clifton neighborhood, Cincinnati

Dear George,

One of my favorite pastimes these days is taking the sheepdogs over to Burnet Woods and shooting photos in the forest. The more time I spend there, the more attached I become. On the map above, the park’s northwestern edge is at the intersection of Clifton and Ludlow Avenues. We live just three blocks to the west on Ludlow. So Burnet Woods is practically in our back yard. Once you enter it, you’re in the midst of a mature forest and might just as well be in Cedar River, Michigan, or some other wilderness spot. Right now the autumn leaves are peaking in our region, and with sunny days and perfect temperatures it’s an ideal time to be out and about. Here are some photos from Burnet Woods in the past few days which capture a bit of its splendor.



G-Mail Comments

-Vicki L (10-18): Hi David, You have some crazy trees in Burnet Woods or perhaps a lot of chops behind the camera and its possibilities. I thought Peter would have enjoyed these pics.

-Ami G (10-17): Wow! These are lovely! Nice job!

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