Monday, October 11, 2010

Random Beauty

Jackson Pollock, No. 8 (1949)

Dear George,

Lately I’ve been spending more time taking pictures in the woods. Partly this is due to perfect weather and dogs who need exercise. Beyond that, though, the forest is a rich and challenging source of visual imagery. While there’s certainly plenty of patterning, there’s just as frequently a dose of chaos that engages the viewer. When photographed, a lot of it reminds me of abstract art, sort of like Jackson Pollock creating wild configurations by flinging and spattering paint on a canvas. And it’s everywhere you look. Walking along a trail in Mt. Airy Forest yesterday I had a whimsical idea of letting random chance dictate my photo choices. So I took a quarter from my pocket and tossed it through the air about ten feet off the trail. Then I walked over to where the coin had landed and took about a dozen photos of the forest floor, all within twelve inches of where the quarter was lying. The images are below. The conclusion I reach is that the natural world is overflowing with beauty no matter where you look. It’s a little bit overwhelming. See what you think.



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