Sunday, December 5, 2010

Being Two

J and V, K and L, in Burnet Woods

Dear George,

We got a lot of joy out of seeing our two-year-old grandkids, V and L, over the Thanksgiving holiday. Such an amazing, exciting age. The children have unbounded energy and curiosity about the entire world, much of which is brand new to them. Two years seems like sort of a midway point between infancy and full-fledged childhood. The kiddies still have streaks of wild beasts in them, but they are also semi-socialized beings who are eager to please parents and others. They have mastered piercing shrieks which they produce in unison, then laugh hilariously as adults grimace and cover their ears. Their inner motors run at high speed for hours on end, and then they fall into deep sleep within moments after they lie down. Being in the midst of such major life changes, V and L vacillate back and forth between clinginess and independence, laughter and tears, obedience and stubborn resistance. K and J respond consistently with affection, attention, sensitivity, and unwavering patience. They are super parental role models. Here are some photos which show a little bit of what the children are like as two-year-olds.

L and V are very capable of sustained attention. We had a DVD of Disney’s Dumbo from the Clifton library, and the children were captivated. (So were the adults.)

V and L snacked all day long, ate whatever was put before them. Looking for a playground on a frigid morning, we drove to a McDonald’s Playland in suburban Finneytown, but they were out of business. Arby’s was a nearby substitute. L and V enjoyed their french fries o.k., but what they liked even better was putting their fingers in the catsup container, then licking them off.

The children’s mobility keeps improving at a rapid pace, even in the few months since we last saw V. Everywhere we went outdoors they were busy running like demons. As far back as I can remember I’ve had a dream of running fast, then jumping off the ground and soaring through the air for yards and yards. Now I think that must go all the way back to the exhilarating feeling of being two years old and running free in the world.

We hadn’t planned it, but it turned out that the leather-covered platform bench in our living room was perfect for bouncing two-year-olds.

V was fearless on the swing, and, as high as her dad pushed her, she always wanted to go higher.

The WPA-constructed concrete slide at Burnet Woods park was another test of toddler courage. L the Brave mastered it from his first attempt.

When you were two, would you have put your head in an alligator’s mouth? Not me.

V, filled with confidence about life, was comfortable going off on her own.

But the happiest times were being with Mom.

And being with Dad.

Or with Nana.

Or a sister and a brother being with one other. Despite occasional minor tiffs, the two siblings were very attached to and caring of one another. They loved to say one another’s names.

Days proceeded with such fervor that it was inevitable that little people got drowsy once they were in their pajamas. They seemed to fall asleep in seconds and virtually never woke up during the night. That’s probably a good indicator of happy, contented children.



G-Mail Comments

-Ami G (12-7): Loved the baby pictures. Now that it's winter, I think you should start taking photos of your room and all your collections. Yes?

-Linda C (12-5): again than you so much for this wonderful blog, l just love it.

-Gayle CL (12-5): David. Thank You for the wonderful description of the children... I could picture them perfectly;). I am so glad you got to spend time w them and see the world thru their eyes. Hope to see u soon. Keep writing the letters;) Give my love ;)))) G

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