Friday, May 6, 2011

Woozy Thursday With Doggies

Dear George,

Life is pretty overwhelming these days. Japan’s been demolished, the Mississippi threatens to destroy the Midwest, joblessness continues to stagnate, Republican governors are attacking public unions, etc. I went to bed at 11 p.m. the other night but lay awake forever. I probably only got two hours of sleep, if that. Usually I go to the fitness center and then to my office on Thursdays, but I was just too tired to go anywhere and decided to just hang out with our sheepdogs, Mike and Duffy. Because I was so exhausted, I thought I’d better keep a photo record in case any calamities occurred. Here’s how the day went.

I was glad that being wiped out didn’t interfere with my taking attractive photo portraits of the dogs.

Mike and Duffy just stood around, watching me and looking nervous.

I can’t imagine why the dogs would be nervous because I’m sure I looked like my normal self.

When Duffy gets upset, he goes and communes with the Giant Mother of All Sheepdogs. It’s hard to believe but this is actually not a real sheepdog, but rather a stuffed version that Katja bought at the discount store for $10. Duffy thinks she’s so quiet because she’s a good listener.

About 2 p.m. Mikey reminded me that I had forgotten to feed him breakfast.

Duffy has actually learned to open the refrigerator door when I forget to feed them.

Lately I’ve just been throwing the dogs’ food on the kitchen floor because it’s more like life in the wilderness. The dogs seem to appreciate their meal more when they have to search around for it.

We went out on the front porch for a while. The dogs like to look at things, and it’s more entertaining than lying on the living room floor.

Then, horror of all horrors, Duffy heard a skateboarder going by. You can see the adrenalin pumping through his veins.

The only thing that calms Duffy down from skateboarding terror is his rubber chicken.

By 5 p.m. the doggies knew it was about time for Katja to get home, so they started watching for her.

Then there she was and everything was all right again with the world.

So that was our day. We had a pretty nice time. However, the dogs probably think it’s just as well that I go off to the fitness center and my office.




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  2. do you still have that big stuffed sheep dog? thanks!

    1. We do still have the stuffed sheepdog. And Mike and Duffy celebrated their twelfth birthdays this past April.