Friday, January 27, 2012

O.E.S. Princess

Sophie, age 9 years, 2 months

Dear George,

Sophie recently came over for a long weekend while Donna was in Nashville and Chattanooga visiting her kids. Sophie always brings a breath of fresh air to our household. She’s more perky and energetic than her older brothers, Mike and Duffy, and they get more peppy in turn when she’s around. It’s sort of like a three-ring circus. While all three Old English Sheepdogs had the same parents, Sophie has a personality all her own. I don’t know if that’s a matter of gender or the way she’s been reared or simply an accident of DNA. But she is a cutie-pie and entirely loveable. She’s wary of Duffy, who’s the alpha dog in the pack and can be pretty bossy, but she gives Mikey, who’s more submissive, a lot of attention. Sophie frequently wants to play, but Mike has never really learned how. So Sophie paws him on the nose, and Mike growls and snarls. Sophie knows he doesn’t mean it, so she keeps pawing away. It’s their little game. The dogs are nine years old now, but no one would ever guess. Here’s how Sophie’s looking these days.



Sophie and Katja share a special bond

Happy to be here

What's that sound across the street?

Sophie's always the first in bed

On the patio

Sophie (right) and Mike on Ludlow Avenue

The dogs with their fur coats like the cool weather

Checking out our neighbor’s yard

Imperial Sophie

So crowded!

Sophie with her walker

Mike (foreground) and Sophie on the patio

The dogs get excited when Katja arrives home

Mike (left) and Sophie howling at something unknown

Time for a rest

Whenever Katja is in the kitchen, it’s extremely interesting

Sophie, like her brothers, is a voracious eater

Sacked out after a long day (Sophie on sofa, Duffy on floor, gigantic stuffed sheepdog on bench)

Portrait of a Princess

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