Friday, September 14, 2012

Here's Your Golden Ticket

Dear George,
We felt sad when the school board shut down our neighhborhood’s Clifton School which was housed in a magnificent turn of the century Beaux-Arts style building on Clifton Avenue.  However, the building reopened soon as the Clifton Cultural Arts Center, providing a whole new set of contributions to the community.  Because of proximity to the University of Cincinnati and its art school, lots of painters, sculptors, potters, etc. live in Clifton.  Three years ago the CCAC initiated a large exhibition, called the Golden Ticket Art Show, in which they invited artists who lived or worked within a three-mile radius of their central Clifton location to exhibit their work.  It was a successful tribute to the arts in our immediate area.  Last year they expanded the radius to five miles, and it was even better.  This year artists who live or work within 25 miles of the CCAC were invited to participate.  Since a 25 mile radius encompasses the entire metropolitan area, it’s not exactly a neighborhood show any more but the display of 100 works by 69 artists was the best yet and an impressive statement about the fine arts in Cincinnati.  I think we enjoy art shows because we get newly reminded of people’s amazing skill and creativity, and that’s how we felt this time too.  I thought I would pass along images of some of the works we particularly enjoyed.  Visitors got to vote for their favorite piece on the Golden Ticket they received at the door.  See what you think. 

Michelle Heiman, "Beckett in Truck"

Clinton Wood, "Eastern Morning"

Bill Feinberg, 15/8/1967 (Death Comes for Magritte)

Mary Paula Wiggins, "Red House on Green”

Elise Thompson, "Little Dreamers"

Ray Abrams, "Guanajuato"

C. Pic Michel, "Emerging" 

Carolyn MacConnell, "Shut Eye"

Michael Oludare, "Pounded Yam" 

Mary Florez, "Watching You" 

Michelle Heimann, "Comfort" 

Karen Feinberg, "Willow" 

 Michael Agricola, "Self-portrait with Hands"

Susan Mahan, "Always Flowers"

Ryan Slattery, "Men of Honor"

Edith Marrero, "Katrina Motorcycle Queen"

Tina Tammaro, "with the sun dreaming old battles" 

G-mail Comments
-Donna D (9-15):  these are really good!  who won?
-David L (9-15):  Believe it or not, the winner isn’t even in this batch. 
-Linda K-C (9-14): This looks like a great event.

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