Sunday, September 30, 2012

Photo Tour: The River and the Bay

Menominee, MI, and Marinette, WI (1919)

Dear George,
We Cincinnatians are pretty landlocked, so we were reminded on our recent trip to Menominee and Marinette how exhilarating it is to be surrounded by water.  The twin cities were settled on opposite sides of the Menominee River where it flows Green Bay.  Menominee’s downtown business district, many of its parks, and its most attractive residential neighborhoods  are spread out along the Green Bay shoreline.  Consequently water is an ever-present part of residents’ daily lives.  The river and bay are visually beautiful, and they make possible a wide range of outdoor leisure activities: swimming, fishing, sailing, ice boating, water skiing, etc.  The waterways are also central to the commercial and industrial life of the communities.  The river provides a harbor for Great Lakes ships, and major local industries are located along the water: two paper mills, a chemical company, a foundry, a shipbuilding plant, two wastewater treatment plants. Three bridges across the Menominee River connect Menomine and Marinette (and the states of Michigan and Wisconsin).  The Hattie St. Bridge is to the west, the Interstate Bridge, in the middle, and the Menekaunee Bridge, at the eastern edge of the two towns.  The Menominee marina provides a port for local powerboaters and yachters, as well as a destination for boaters from Milwaukee, Chicago, and many other towns and cities.  Here are a few photos from our visit.  You can see why they call Michigan “Water Wonderland”.

The Menominee River, looking west from Riverside Cemetery

At the Riverside Country Club

The M&M Paper Mill and the Dam

The Hattie Street Bridge

The Menekaunee Bridge

The Marinette harbor at Menekaunee

Ore piles, Menekaunee

The Waupaca Foundry, Marinette

Green Bay at the Henes Park beach

Along the Green Bay shore

The Bay view from our motel window

The North Pier Light near the mouth of the Menominee

At the Marina in downtown Menominee

G-mail Comments
Terry O-S (10-3): I have achieved no such mature detachment; for my money Green Bay is the loveliest body of water on earth. 
David L to Terry O-S (10-3):  Thanks for your comments.  I think I’ve gained enough distance and detachment that I just see them [the rivwr and the bay] as equally beautiful (and forget to make my long-time case about the river’s superiority). 

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  1. Catching up on recent posts: so sorry about Katja's shoulder surgery and hope things are improving by the moment. Wonderful River and Bay pictures - but you forgot the part about, although both beautiful, the Bay is better!