Thursday, November 22, 2012

V and L's First Thanksgiving Play

L and V, taking a pudding break during rehearsals

Dear George,
We were thrilled when our son J and daughter-in-law K brought our grandkids, V and L, up from New Orleans for Thanksgiving.  To celebrate the occasion, we arranged for the children to put on a homemade Thanksgiving play for family members and friends (Jennifer and Donna).  It was not always easy to direct four-year-olds in their very first dramatic production, but when they got their Indian headdresses and pilgrim hats that sealed the deal.  V has a last minute attack of stage fright, but she decided she could play her roles as long as her mom joined her on the stage.  The audience gave the players great reviews and they received a lengthy ovation.  Here’s the script and a few photo highlights.
Our Thanksgiving Play

Act One.  The Indians

Hundreds of years ago a tribe of Indians lived along the Atlantic Ocean shore in North America.  Here are some of the Indians now (V and L enter with Indian headdresses).

            What is your name, Indian boy?  (L:  Growling Bear.)
            What is your name, Indian girl?  (V:  Flying Squirrel.)

Flying Squirrel and Growling Bear make their entrance

The Indians were excellent farmers.  First they would dig holes in the ground.  (V&L dig)

Then they would put in their seeds – for corn and pumpkins and beans.  (V&L plant seeds)

They would do a rain dance to make the rains come and make the crops grow.  (V&L to their rain dance – the most exciting moment of the whole play)

The Indians do their magical rain dance

When the corn and the vegetables grew high, they would cut them down with their big knives.  (V&L cut corn)

The Indians were also brave hunters.  They would sneak silently through the forest.  (V&L sneak through forest)

The brave hunters sneak through the forest

When they saw a deer, they would shoot at it with their bows and arrows.  (V&L shoot)

Then they would drag their prey back to their village to feed the whole tribe.  (V&L drag prey) 

In this way they lived happy and prosperous lives.  (Actors exit.)

Act Two.  The Pilgrams

In September of 1620 a band of Pilgrams arrived from Europe on a ship called the Mayflower. Here are some of the pilgrims now  (V and L enter with Pilgrim hats).

            What is your name, Pilgrim girl?  (V:  Priscilla Mullins.)
            What is your name, Pilgram boy?  (L:  Miles Standish.)

Priscilla Mullins and Miles Standish make their entrance

The pilgrims went into the forest and chopped down tall trees.  (V&L chop trees)

Then they used their saws to cut the tree trunks into logs.  (V&L saw)

And they used their hammers to build log houses.  (V&L hammer)

But when winter came, the pilgrims were very cold.  (V&L shiver)

And many of them got sick.  (V&L lie down sick and wiggle)

Finally spring arrived, and the pilgrims were very happy once again.  (Actors exit.)

The pilgrims are happy when spring arrives

Act Three.  The Thanksgiving Feast

The Indians came to visit, and they were sad that the Pilgrims had such a terrible winter.

The Indians showed the Pilgrims how to dig a hole.  (V&L dig)

And put in the seeds.  (V&L plant)

Then the Indians and the Pilgrims did a rain dance together.  (V&L dance)

The Indians and the Pilgrams dance together to bring the rain

When the corn grew tall, they harvested it with their big knives.  (V&L cut corn)

The Indians and the Pilgrims cooked a big feast.  (V&L stir their pots)

They prayed and gave thanks for all their blessings.  (V and L pray and say: “Thank you for all our blessings.)

Miles Standish and Flying Squirrel give thanks for all their blessings

And that was the first Thanksgiving.  And everyone lived happily ever after.  (Actors exit)  

The End!

The actors take a bow

G-mail Comments
-Vicki L (11-27):  Hi David…  Leo and Vida's Thxgiving play was thoroughly enjoyed by my clan - so advanced and adorable.  Send my love to Katja ..... I'm scurrying off to work. Hope you're well. Love,Sis
-Linda K-C (11-23):  Thanks for sharing,aren't they such a joy?
-Linda K-C (11-24):  Justin sent me the video , so fun to watch! They are wonderful children.

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  1. That was a very balanced script evidencing no political bias.