Saturday, November 3, 2012

Welcome to the Land of Ghouls and Goblins

Dear George,
Xmas might be the most exciting holiday of the year (i.e., with Santa and all those gifts), but Halloween ranks way up there.  Not only do you get to dress up in amazing costumes for school, but then things get so scary come 6 p.m.  What other holiday do you go out on pitch dark streets when you half-suspect that vampires and ghouls might be lurking in the shadows? We’ve learned from Hollywood that lots of people get murdered on Halloween night (mostly raunchy teenagers having illicit sex).  And demented old men put razor blades in the cupcakes they hand out.  Halloween derives in part from Festivals of the Dead many centuries ago in Europe.  It was believed to be the night on which the doorway to the Other-World was left partially open and the spirits of the dead could return to roam the land and wreak vengeance on their bad relatives.  Nowadays we use Halloween to teach children that if they can conquer their fears and confront danger they can reap unimaginable rewards (in this case, scads of Tootsie Rolls and M & M’s).  Our Halloween in Cincinnati was messed up this year because of the midwestern aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Despite the crummy weather, our Clifton neighborhood was transformed into its own Festival of the Dead, with ghouls and skeletons galore.  Here some photos of the Halloween season from the side streets around Ludlow Avenue (plus a few from the Party Store).  Take a look, but be prepared to be terrified.

G-mail Comments
-Linda K-C (11-3): Another great letter and fantastic photos.
-Gayle C-L (11-3):  David,  Love the pics!  The skeleton reminds me of when I'm training for a race and I don't eat for a few days !!   Thx for taking them.  Of course we did not have Halloween.  Bummer !   The poor kids . Halloween is huge to them!  I hear they might do Halloween in Princeton  on Monday ,,, we shall see.  Glad to see you survived the storm.  I stayed at a friends w a generator for a few days.  We were without power for a few days.  And never this long in the past.   Jersey is a mess.  it s going to take a long time to recover.   We're recovering in Princeton.  Everyday it's getting better.    Hope u all are well.  I ll keep u posted.  Lots of love XX.     G

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  1. I like Casper the Friendly Ghost a whole lot better!