Friday, March 22, 2013

Silly Dog Pics: Arco and Friends

Arco at Burnet Woods Lake

Dear George,
There’s a new dog in our household.  I named him Arco (after the German Shepherd war dog that my Uncle Kent brought back from the battlefields of France in World War II).  I found Arco at the Dayton flea market.  While I hadn’t been looking for a pet, he was on sale for a great price and I couldn’t pass him by.  I worried about our sheepdogs’ reactions, but they don’t seem upset at all.  Arco is easy to adjust to.  He never barks or chews things, doesn’t need monthly grooming, and doesn’t seem to want to get in the bed at night.  I think he might have belonged to a photographer because he’s so photogenic and such a good model.  He poses in a stately manner, gives a happy smile, and sits in place as long as I need him to.  He’s so perfectly behaved Katja doesn’t even think he’s for real.  Here are some photos I took recently of Arco and a couple of his other friends from our pack.  Looks pretty real to me.

G-mail Comments
-Ami G (3-22): These are a hoot!
-JML (3-22):  Nice photo project Dad. 
-Linda C (3-22):  I love your dogs so much. I can only have a cat in my apartment, but a quiet dog would be ok.  Where do I go to buy one? Flea markets or pounds?  These pictures are fabulous, so hope you will photograph mine, once I find him.  Do you have any ideas of how I would be able to tell the dogs nature before I buy him,  I have decided on a male dog.  Thanks, can I call you if I have other questions?
-Jennifer M (3-22): I love these photos. Great use of perspective. If I hadn't seen Arco in real life, I wouldn't know how small he is. :-)

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  1. There for a minute I thought you were - heaven forbid - serious!