Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Number Fifty-Three (Wow!)

Dear George,
Today is Katja’s and my 53rd wedding anniversary.  We got married in our early twenties, and, though we expected to be together forevermore, I don’t think either of us could envision being married for fifty plus years. In a short while we’ll be leaving for a trip to Dayton to the Art Institute to see Andy Warhol’s “Athletes” exhibition.  Dayton is a fitting anniversary destination because we had our one-night honeymoon there after getting married in Yellow Springs.  Afterwards we’ll probably come back to Cincinnati, walk the dogs, and take in a movie (maybe Elysium) at the new 17-screen cineplex in Oakley.

Wedding anniversaries seem a lot like birthdays to me.  They’re pleasant and notable annual occasions, but it’s a little scary how quickly they accumulate. My parents celebrated 53 anniversaries during their lives together; Katja’s parents 63.  So now we’re getting right up there with the oldies.  I guess the best mindset is to reflect on all those years of shared experiences, careers completed, children and grandchildren, loving family members, a lifetime of good friendships, our home and community.  We’ve plenty to be grateful for and are looking forward to lots of good times to come.  Now we’re off to see if Andy Warhol agrees that life is one giant fiesta.   

G-mail Comments
-Phyllis S-S (8-29): Dave,  How was the Warhol show?  Again, congratulations.  Phyllis
-Linda C (8-29): And hope you have many  many more. Love Linda
-Gayle C-L (8-28): Congrats!!  Happy Anniversary!   Great photo!   I hope you both had a great night ..  Keep them coming ::)   Love   G
-Vicki L (8-28): Good for you! You're shakers and movers. Have a great time. Love, Vicki

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  1. Warm CONGRATULATIONS! A noteworthy milestone indeed!