Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NOLA in Bloom

Dear George,
I’m just back from my 6-day trip to New Orleans, having visited J, K, and our grandkids, V and L.  My stay was completely enjoyable.  Among other things, it was 30 degrees in Cincinnati when I left and 20 degrees when I returned, but New Orleans was in the midst of a warm and sunny spring.  J and K’s mid-city home is a 20-minute walk to City Park, and I went there nearly every day.  I’d been to the Botanical Garden in the park for a Thanksgiving light display, but never in the daytime.  The 12-acre Botanical Garden opened in 1936, a WPA project during the Great Depression.  It was originally called the City Park Rose Garden.  Today it contains over 2000 varieties of plants from around the world and has several theme gardens, e.g., The Tropical Garden, the Butterfly Walk, the Japanese Garden, as well as the Conservatory of the Two Sisters.  It’s entirely elegant as these photos suggest. 

The New Orleans Art Museum is a few hundred yards away from the Botanical Garden, and it too is a civic treasure.  Their featured show exhibited photographs from the Civil War which brought tears to one’s eyes.  In addition, the Garden Study Club of New Orleans had organized an “Art in Bloom” floral display throughout the Museum’s galleries.  The flower arrangements were coordinated with nearby paintings, and, all in all, it was stunning.  Here are a few to enjoy.

G-mail Comments
-Jennifer M (3-27):  So beautiful!  Spring, we await you here in Cincinnati!
-Gayle C (3-27):  David,  Looks like a great trip!    Lovely photos!!!  Glad u had fun.  Take care.   :). G
-Terry O-S (3-27-14):  The NOLA photos are gorgeous! A few years ago my son Dan was the Executive Director of the American Public Gardens Association and that garden would have been one of his members.  He no longer holds that position.

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