Monday, March 3, 2014

Under the Snow

Our side yard

Dear George,
It feels like we’ve been buried under snow and ice for a year or more.  Finally Cincinnati got a break in harsh winter temperatures last week, and the polar vortex ice cap melted away, at least for the time being.  Our yard is sort of rinky-dink, probably a fiftieth of the size of the river property lawn my siblings and I grew up with.  However, thanks to Mother Nature and plantings by our gardener Jean Ann, it's full of interesting patterns and colors.  I walk one or the other sheepdog to the front lawn 8 or 9 times a day, and so I have lots of time to contemplate the vegetation.  Because seeing something other than a blanket of white has been such a visual treat, I thought I'd pass along a few of the images.

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-Donna D (3-3): Beautiful.  

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