Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Poem for Valentine's Day

Dear George,
I never wrote a Valentine’s Day poem before.  I hope it’s not too mushy. 

The Ballad of the Dark-Haired Girl

I’ll never forget that September day
When I first saw the dark-haired girl
She stood on the lawn across the way
I started to feel my head swirl

That freshman mixer was held the first week
The huge mob of strangers made me wary
Toward the dark-haired girl I could only peek
Yet I daydreamed that someday we’d marry

I’d see the dark-haired girl every once in a while
In the spring she performed in a play
I was totally smitten by her quick easy smile
But to talk to her, there seemed no way

My second year of college I went on a trip
To Milwaukee to visit some friends
What happened next caused my heart to skip
Fate takes on such sharp turns and bends

The dark-haired girl was staying with my friends
That was amazing and even  more scary
We talked about various odds and ends
Then I told her my dream that we’d marry

The dark-haired girl gave me a dubious look
She said, “That’s the worst line I’ve heard!”
She thought of me as an idiot or a crook
And she took off in flight like a bird

That was over fifty long years ago
A precipitous time in my life
I think all the time of the dark-haired girl
It’s probably because she’s my wife

G-mail Comments

-Terry O-S (2-18): Hi David -  Just had fund belatedly catching up on blog entries. That poetry class has clearly influenced your life! Do you recall the Golden Trashery of Ogden Nashery? I'm pretty sure it was a presence in your household as well as ours. I remember one title, "Ode to a Small Boy Standing on my Shoes While I'm in Them."  Hope your ribs are completely healed!  Best
-Phyllis S-S (2-17):  Dave,  How are you feeling?  This was adorable and well written, I thought.  See you on Sunday, I hope.  Last  year an ice storm interfered with our plans.  Have you seen the movie on Turner?  Your opinion please.  Phyllis
-Donna D (2-15):  David this is your BEST!  Love it.
-Gayle C-L (2-14):  Very Sweet!!   Happy Valentines Day!!

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