Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sore Ribs

Dear George,

Tuesday night I went out for a stroll
Chatting on my cell phone and laughing
I didn’t even see the sidewalk hole
Until I was on the ground gasping

The doc checked me out in the morn
She ordered X-rays as they do
She came back in with a face forlorn
“You’ve fractured not one rib but two!”

Sore ribs are like armies of demons with spears
Who stab at your innards with relish
The pain brings to mind your very worst fears
And Day Two is even more hellish

Sore ribs are like bites from a crocodile
Or stings from ten thousand bees
It hurts when you laugh and it hurts when you smile
And it’s worse when your doggies you squeeze

Sore ribs feel like mealtime for killer ants
Or scorpions digging into your torso
No wonder I shift in and out of a trance           
It's like torture on Homeland, only moreso

There are many other things that sore ribs are like
Bullet wounds, poison darts, vampire bites
I haven’t yet taken our dogs for a hike
To say nothing of twelve sleepless nights

But today I am feeling much better
There’s a rule I wish I had known
We all must follow it to the letter
Never stroll while you chat on your phone

G-mail Comments
-Gayle C-L (2-11-15):  David,  I'm sorry to hear you fell and broke your ribs! I hope you're alright !  Yes definitely Dont  Txt a Walk too!  Keep in touch
Lots of love.  G

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