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A Clifton (Cincinnati) Trivia Quiz

Dear George,
We’ve lived in Cincinnati’s Clifton neighborhood for well over half of our lives, but it turns out there are many important facts about our community that we’ve never known.  Clifton has a long, rich history, and it’s one of the city’s most distinctive neighborhoods.  Here is a Clifton trivia quiz that draws from the various sources listed at the end.  Even if you’re a lifelong Clifton resident, this is a challenging quiz.  My personal opinion is that you’re doing well if you get 16 or more of the 32 items, and, if you get 24 or better, you’re ready to be a contestant on a Clifton edition of Jeopardy.  I hope you’ll write down your answers and see how you do.  (Correct answers are given at the end of the quiz.)


1.  Clifton was incorporated as a village in:
(a) 1850; (b) 1870; (c) 1890; (d) 1910

2.  Clifton was named after: 
(a) a wealthy landowner
(b) the first European to reach southwest Ohio in 1642
(c) the highest mountain in the Tri-State region
(d) a large farm

3.  What percent of adults in Clifton ride bicycles to work?
(a) 0.2%; (b) 2%; (c) 12%; (d) 22% 

4.  The longest street in Clifton is:
(a) Clifton Ave.; (b) Lafayette Ave.; (c) Ludlow Ave.; (d) Vine St. 

5.  What percent of housing units in Clifton are occupied by renters (vs. owners)? 
(a) 35%; (b) 51%; (c) 67%; (d) 79%

6.  Henry Probasco, who donated the Tyler Davidson fountain to the city and whose mansion (Oakwood) is on West Cliff Lane in Clifton, made his fortune in:
(a) the slaughterhouse business
(b) the liquor business
(c) the railroad business
(d) the hardware business

7.  13% of adult Cincinnatians have master’s degrees or beyond.  In Clifton the comparable figure is:
(a) 21%; (b) 31%; (c) 41%; (d) 51%

8.  Dixmyth Avenue is named for:
(a) The wealthy family whose mansion anchors one end of the street
(b) Journalist and Gazette editor Richard “Dick” Smith
(c) The famous horse that won the 1898 Kentucky Derby
(d) The Myth of Dorothea Dix

9.  Skyline Chili at Ludlow and Clifton Avenues, the most popular restaurant in the company’s chain, was opened by brothers John and Pete Georgeton in:
(a) 1946; (b) 1956; (c) 1966; (d) 1976

10.  Compared to the city of Cincinnati as a whole, Clifton has a greater % of households with annual incomes:
(a) Under $25,000; (b) Over $150,000; (c) Both of these; (d) Neither of these

11.  What is the most frequent household income category among Clifton residents?
(a) Under $10,000; (b) $20-24,999; (c) $40-44,999; (d) $60-64,999; (e) $80-84,999

12.  Early 1900’s political boss George B. Cox’s mansion is now:
(a) The Clifton public library branch
(b) The Clifton post office branch
(c) The Sigma Kappa Pi fraternity house
(d) Clifton Commons (the neighborhood charter school)

13.  Originally an automobile repair shop, the Ludlow Garage was a rock and roll venue which offered national acts  between: 
(a) 1956 and 1968; (b) 1969 and 1971; (c) 1972 and 1977; (d) 1978 and 1986

14.  The overall crime rate in Clifton is ______ than the national average.
(a) 17% higher; (b) 9% higher; (c) about the same as; (d) 9% lower; (e) 17% lower

15.  How many houses of worship are located in Clifton?
(a) 7; (b) 10; (c) 14; (d) 19

16.  According to local legend, which Clifton landmark is haunted by ghosts?
(a) Arlin’s Bar; (b) Ludlow Garage; (c) Roanoke apartment house; (d) Graeter’s ice cream parlor

17.  According to, Clifton’s Ludlow Avenue has more same-sex couples living together than ___ percent of U.S. neighborhoods.
(a) 62%; (b) 74%; (c) 86%; (d) 98% 

18.  Rawson Woods at Middleton and Warren was donated to the city in 1923 by the Joseph Rawson family to establish a:
(a) wildflower preserve
(b) bird preserve
(c) southern pine and magnolia grove
(d) wildlife sanctuary

19.  Which age category is most frequent among Clifton residents?
20-29; (b) 40-49; (c) 60-69; (d) 80-89

20.  The Esquire Theatre originally opened in Clifton in:
(a) 1911; (b) 1928; (c) 1940; (d) 1963

21.  Clifton has a greater concentration of historic residences than ___ percent of all U.S. neighborhoods.
(a) 69%; (b) 79%; (c) 89%; (d) 99%

22.  The child poverty rate in Clifton is:
(a) 3%; (b) 11%; (c) 23%; (d) 53%

23.  In the 1980s Clifton residents successfully opposed the opening of a  _____ in the Ludlow Avenue shopping district. 
(a) Family Dollar store; (b) Wendy’s restaurant; (c) discount liquor store; (d) Victoria’s Secret

24.  Among Clifton residents, male median earnings are __ percent higher than female median earnings.
6% higher; (b) 18% higher; (c) 25% higher; (d) 41% higher

25.  Clifton residents most frequently identify their ancestry as:
(a) English; (b) German; (c) Irish; (d) Italian

26.  The website AshleyMadison,com, which caters to married people seeking affairs, has 64,500 users in Cincinnati.  Among Cincinnati’s 52 neighborhoods, Clifton ranks number ___ in AshleyMadison use. 
3; (b) 17; (c) 31; (d) 51

27.  What percent of Clifton residents are non-white?
10%; (b) 20%; (c) 30%; (d) 40%

28.  Which of these educational institutions is located within Clifton’s official boundaries? 
(a) Cincinnati State Technical and Community College
(b) Hebrew Union College
(c) University of Cincinnati
(d) All of these
(e) None of these

29.  How many homes in Clifton are worth a million dollars or more?
14; (b) 34; (c) 54; (d) 74

30.  The inscription on the Probasco Fountain in front of the former Clifton School reads:
(a) In teaching others we teach ourselves
(b) Thirsty and ye gave me drink
(c) Teachers open the door but you must walk through it yourself
(d) Where there is love there is life

31.  What % of Clifton children (K-12) are enrolled in private (vs. public) schools?
(a) 26%; (b) 36%; (c) 46%; (d) 56%

32.  Sitwell’s coffee shop is named for:
(a) British poet Edith Sitwell 
(b) a village in Ireland
(c) Sitwell Street in Clifton
(d) a Union Civil War general

ANSWER KEY (numbers in parentheses refer to sources listed at the end)

1.a.  Clifton was incorporated in 1850. (16) 
2.d. Clifton was named after a large farm (Clifton Farm). (16) 
3.a. 10 adults (0.2%) ride bikes to work. (8) 
4.b.  Lafayette Ave. (1.59 mi.) is longest, followed by Clifton (1.39), Ludlow (1.36), and Vine (0.98). (7) 
5.c.  67% of housing units are occupied by renters. (8)
6.d. H. Probasco made his fortune in the hardware business. (2) 
7.b.  31% of Cliftonites have master’s degrees or beyond. (7) 
8.b.  Dixmyth Ave. is named after journalist Richard “Dick” Smith. (2) 
9.c. Skyline Chili on Ludlow opened in 1966. (5)
10.c. Both — Clifton has more “under $25K” and “over $150K”. (8)
11.a.  “Under $10K” is Clifton’s most frequent household income category (17%). (8) 
12.a.  The Cox mansion is now the Clifton Public Library branch. (2)
13.b. The Ludlow Garage was a R&R venue from 1969 to 1971. (6) 
14.a. Clifton’s crime rate is 17% above the national average. (3) 
15.c. There are 14 houses of worship in Clifton. (9) 
16.a. Arlin’s Bar is said to be haunted. (12)
17d. Ludlow Ave. has more same-sex couples than 98% of U.S. neighborhoods. (13) 
18.b. Rawson Woods was established as a bird preserve. (10)
19.a. 20-29 is the most frequent age category (27% of residents). (8) 
20.a. The Esquire opened in 1911. (11) 
21.d. Clifton has more historic residences than 99% of U.S. neighborhoods. (13) 
22.d.  The child poverty rate in Clifton is 53%. (13) 
23.b. Cliftonites blocked the opening of a Wendy’s. (11) 
24.d. Clifton males make 41% more earnings than Clifton females. (4)
25.b. German (20%) is the most common ancestry. (13) 
26.a. Clifton is No.3 in AshleyMadison use. (15)
27.c. 30% of Clifton residents are non-white. (14)
28.a. Only Cincinnati State is located in Clifton (16)
29.b. 34 Clifton houses are worth a million dollars or more. (8)
30.b. The Probasco Fountain reads, “Thirsty and ye gave me  drink.” (2) 
31.d. 56% of Clifton children go to private schools (7)
32.a. Sitwell’s is named for British poet Edith Sitwell. (6)

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