Monday, March 22, 2010

The Mystery Object: Will You Be Stumped by this Quiz?

Dear George,

With inspiration from the younger generation (e.g., Jessica, Chris, J & K), I’m getting more involved with photography these days.  I’d forgotten how much it leads you to attend to your visual surroundings.  Below are some recent images I’ve taken.  I think they’re enjoyable in their own right, but they also offer a challenging puzzle.  Here’s the task:  All nine photos were taken outdoors within 150 yards of my house.  And all nine are interconnected in some way, i.e., make up a single “object”.  That object can be described by a five-letter word which includes the letter “T” but not the letters “K” or “N” or “A”.  Take a look at the images, one by one, and see if you can figure out the five-letter word that names the object.  Nobody has gotten it after looking at only four images, but everybody has gotten it with all nine.  Let me know if you figure it out by the fourth image or before.


Task reminder:  What is the five-letter word which describes the “object” that connects all these photos?

Voila!  It’s a S-T-U-M-P.



G-Mail Comments:

-Linda C (3-22):  Dave, I am shocked that as a nonbeliever I saw Mary the virgin mother's face in some of the pictures.  I don't want to tell it tho since church people will go to your house to see it too.

Is this a lot like a Rorschach test?

Picture number 1 is obviously a vagina with a fistula running to it and a very very serious condition that needs to be attended to immediately!

Number 2 is a turtle wanting to get back in his shell, but is too frightened to move, I hope the shock of the camera does not kill him since turtles live a very very long time.

No. 3 is really very lovely, did you go to a lot of band shells and mix the photos together, what a great idea.

No. 4, where did you travel to?  The photo of the little monkey peering out of the large round opening to his cave is amazing. What kind of monkey is he?

No. 5, This confused me, a Roman number 2 on the arm of the chair, but what happened to make the chair twist like that, unless it was just that, it was caught up in a twister and came looking like that.

No.6, a crab trying to flee, his crab leg has been partially taken off but  he is still a survivor.  Was that taken out here?  It could have been

No. 7, a pig telling his babies to get back into the house or the big bad wolf will come and blow the house down.

No. 8, a horse and buggy struggling through Russian winter, the owner has heard he is on Stalin’s list and he is trying to get to the dacha in the woods , I am afraid he is going to fail, he has been thrown out of the buggy and his hand is trying to reach the white loop to help him get back on. If he doesn't make it he will be killed rather than a decade in Siberia.

No 9  I  only see the alien creature trying to get away from you and the landscape is not recognizable to me

What is this statement TASK REMINDER ?  Was this a task?  George, I am sorry but I think David temporarily slipped back in his old persona as a professor,  I have to reread to see if the word  TASKMASTER appears, it is too bad you are gone because I know you would lighten him up a  little

As ever Dave, I loved the blog

AMY R TO LINDA (3-22): Linda, Do you know how much I love your mind?  This is one of the funniest things you've ever written.  Amy

-DAVID L TO LINDA (3-23):  Hi Linda,  This must be a good Rorschach test.  It certainly produced some excellent interpretations from you.  Now I can see all these things too.  Dave

-VICKI L (3-22):  Cool quiz, Davey.

-TERRY O S (3-22): Hi -  I got it after three (stump, precisely!) - the mushrooms were the telling clue! In retrospect, I understand the significance of ruling out a word with "K," "N," or "A" - as in trunk!  Best, Terry


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  1. Loved this post but then I love all your posts!
    I guessed on the fist, was sure on the second.