Friday, March 5, 2010

Sheepdog Winter Olympics

Dear George,

I mentioned some time back that both of our sheepdogs have hip problems.  Mike was born with hip dysplasia, and his condition is more serious than Duffy’s.  But they’re both showing signs of arthritis, and, since they’ll turn eight next month, it’s gradually getting worse.  We were scared out of our wits a few weeks ago when Mike couldn’t get up from the kitchen floor and screamed in extreme pain when we tried to lift him.  The vet gave him painkiller and anti-inflammatory shots and suggested resuming the laser therapy treatment he’d done last summer.  He was better as soon as he had gotten the shots, but we’ve been holding our breath and going easy on exercise.  He’s used to getting hour-long walks several times a week, and it has seemed unfair that only his brother has gotten to go.  Our winter snow season is coming to its end, so I just decided to take a chance and bring both dogs to Mt. Airy Forest for a good hike.  It worked out fine.   It was like a Winter Olympics outing for doggies.  They skated a bit on the icy trails, and they used their big paws as cross country skis as we went up and down the hills.  Or at least that’s how I liked to think of it.  Here are some pics from our outing.

Mike and Duffy travel together as a pack.

If they get too far ahead, they’ll stop and check my whereabouts.

Usually they’ll come running back.

Or sometimes Mike just sits and waits.  

Duffy gets very vigilant in the forest.

Both dogs hear things I can’t hear.

And, of course, there are lots of interesting things to sniff.

Sometimes I think they are actually posing for the camera.  Here’s Mike.  

When we get close to the car, Mikey races ahead.


And that was the end of our expedition.  Next time: Spring!




Gmail Comments:

-Kiera O (3-15): Hi David, I loved the photos of Mike and Duffy (of course I thought of Mickey and Mike!). I have a friend whose Golden Retriever suffered from hip dysplasia. She and her husband opted for surgery. Very expensive, but in their case, anyway, it worked (well not their case Luma's--the dog's-- case) I also loved hearing about yours and Katya's recent dance adventures.

Happy spring, Kiera

-Linda C (3-6): The dogs are beautiful and I wish for snow for a week

-Jennifer M (3-5): Cute pictures of the doggies in the snow.

-Donna D (3-5): Great!  I love your remarks on each pic.

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  1. Cute pictures of the doggies in the snow.