Thursday, October 4, 2012


Dear George,
Every September in our Clifton neighborhood they hold Streetscape, a weekend event in which they block off Telford Street and local groups and businesses sponsor teams to do a dozen or so large chalk drawings of famous classic paintings on the paved street surface (e.g., by Georgia O’Keefe, Picasso, Rembrandt).  Simultaneously in the rear parking lot of the supermarket on Ludlow Ave. an ArtWorks project paints people’s automobiles, many with designs inspired by famous artists.  This year these art happenings were incorporated into a larger event called Cliftonfest.  Three blocks of Ludlow Avenue were closed to traffic and populated with huge children’s play equipment, two music performance stages, street artists and musicians, sales by local stores and commercial vendors, food and beer booths, arts and crafts, face painting, palm reading, etc.  Our business district is always a popular gathering place, and Cliftonfest brought it still more to life.  I went three or four times, happy to see our neighborhood looking so lively.  Here are some pics of the festival.

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-Gayle C-L (10-5):  Cool stuff.  Did you go down the big slide??  Lots of love.    ;).   G
-Donna D (10-4): this is terrific!

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