Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Burnet Autumn

Dear George,
Whatever season it is, it always seems the best when it arrives.  Winter, with its white landscapes, is arguably the most visually stunning.  Then come the muted pastel greens of spring, dotted with yellow and blue wildflowers.  Summer, of course, is always the lushest.  Now in mid-October everything is busy changing into bright colors, the year’s last hurrah.  Because I’m there most frequently, I’m particularly aware of the changes in seasons in Burnet Woods whose 90 acres are just up the street from us.  Here’s how the park is looking this week.

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-Linda K-C (10-21): Thanks for these photos, do you walk often in the park? I can easily walk to msu campus, which is so beautiful and huge, it feels like a big lovely park.

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