Monday, October 8, 2012

Peter's Photo Legacy: Excursions in Central Park

Dear George,
When my brother Peter undertook a project, he’d do so with boundless energy and enthusiasm.  Photography was one of his principal pursuits, and he had an extremely creative eye.  I think he inherited his talent and interests from our father, then passed them along to his own kids as well.  Peter and Gayle’s home was in Princeton, and they frequently spent their weekends in New York City.  Central Park was Peter’s favorite destination for photography outings.  Here are some of the elegant images he produced.

Peter and Gayle at Central Park

G-mail Comments
-Ami G (10-9): Dear David:  You are right!  These really are wonderful shots of Central Park, way beyond the usual "pretty".  Thanks.
-Linda K-C (10-8): This are just so lovely. Justin's photos I love, I have shown Leo takes a tumble to friends and they Watch it two or three times because it makes them laugh.

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