Saturday, December 15, 2012

Getting Into the Spirit of the Season, Florally Speaking

Krohn Conservatory, Eden Park, Cincinnati

Dear George,
We used to spend our free time during the holidays at the shopping malls.  Those were exciting days, and I can’t imagine what happened to them.  Maybe we’ve gotten less materialistic, or perhaps Katja relies more on the Home Shopping Network.  In any case, we seem to have forsaken the malls and replaced them with visits to cultural institutions.  This season we’ve taken in the Xmas displays at the Art Museum and the Taft, gone to the Pottery Fair at the Clifton Arts Center, ogled over the train display at the Museum Center, and will soon be going to the Zoo’s Festival of Lights.  The most Xmas-y of all, though, has to be the holiday floral show at the Krohn Conservatory in Eden Park.  Not only do they have a crèche and a gaggle of sheep, but they have a magnificent Xmas tree, tons of poinsettias and cyclamen (some of them sculpted into trees themselves), and multiple train tracks with model trains and trolleys which wend their way around stylish renditions of Cincinnati landmarks.  If we’re not in a holiday mood already, here are some photos from the Krohn show which are sure to put us there.

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