Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What Happened When Evilla the Witch Tried to Destroy Xmas

Dear George,
It was the week before Xmas, and Santa Claus was feeling good.  He and the elves had finished making all their toys for the year.  The reindeer were resting for their big trip.  Everything was ready for the best Xmas ever.  

All around the world, the children were excited too.  In New Orleans V and L couldn’t wait for Santa to come.  They were four years old, and it was their fourth Xmas.  They had been good children all year long, and they were sure Santa Claus would bring them some special presents.  

Nobody knew it, but scary things were happening at a castle far across the ocean.  It was the castle of Evilla the Witch.  

Evilla the Witch hated Santa Claus, and she hated Xmas, and she did not like little girls and boys to be happy.  She decided she was going to capture Santa Claus and put an end to Xmas forever.  

Evilla got on her broomstick, and she and her henchmen flew to the North Pole.  They grabbed Santa and tied him up and brought him back to Evilla’s castle and put him in jail.  

Santa was so sad.  He begged Evilla the Witch to let him go, but she wouldn’t listen.  Santa knew that none of the children in the world would get any gifts and that Xmas would be ruined. 

Evilla didn’t realize it, but Santa’s best friends, Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny, saw her capture Santa and put him in jail.  They hopped as fast at they could to New Orleans, and they told V and L all about it. 

L and V went to their mom and told her what the Easter bunnies said.  Their mom said, “That’s so terrible.  What can be done?”  L said, “I know just what to do.”  And he whispered in V’s ear.

Then L jumped high in the air, whirled around three times, and said the magic word, “Shazzam”.

And then V jumped into the air, whirled around three times, and she said the magic word “Shazzam” too.

Whoosh!  The children turned into superheroes: Spiderboy and Supergirl.  

L got on his ferocious tiger, and V got on her mighty stallion, and they raced across the country to Cincinnati.

The children told Nana all about Evilla the Witch and Santa Claus.  Nana gave them each a big hug, and that made them feel brave.    

Then L and V got in their special airplane, and they flew across the ocean to the land of Evilla the Witch.

The Witch saw L and V coming in her crystal ball.  She went to the cave of the giant monster Mozzarella and told him to find the children and eat them alive.

The monster Mozzarella was waiting when V and L’s airplane landed.  He was very hungry, and he couldn’t wait to gobble the children up.  

“Watch out, L,” V said.  “That bad monster Mozzarella wants to eat us up.  We have to take care of him.”

L said, “I know just what to do.”  He pulled out his magic bow and arrow.  “Take that!” he yelled.  And he shot the monster Mozzarella right on the nose.  Mozzarella went “Poof”, and he disappeared into the thin air.

Evilla the Witch was hiding behind a tree, but V saw her.  V said, “I know just what to do.”  She pulled out her hose, and she sprayed Evilla the Witch with a stream of water. 

“Take that, you bad Witch,” V said.  She knew that witches melt when they get water on them.  And that’s just what Evilla the Witch did.  She melted into a puddle on the ground, screaming “Oh no!”, “Help!”, “Eeek!”  And then she was all gone.

V and L ran to free Santa from his jail cell.  He was so happy to see them that he had tears in his eyes.

Santa told V and L that they were the bravest children and that they had saved Xmas for all the boys and girls in the world.

Then Santa jumped in his sleigh and sped off, just in time to deliver his presents all around the world.  

V and L were very happy, and they gave each other a hug.  “We did it,” V said.  “We did,” L said.  “Evilla the Witch will never hurt Santa or the children again.  And we will always have Xmas.”

But the proudest people of all were V and L’s mom and dad, K and J.  They said, “Our children saved the whole world.  They deserve the best Xmas ever.”  And that’s exactly what happened.

The End of the Story

Dave (a.k.a. Grandpa)

[Kid photos by J.M.L.; others from Google Images]     

G-mail Comments

-Vicki L (1-22): Hi David,  I just read your Evilla story - how fabulous. Lucky little Vida and Leo. Too bad I get so far behind in my email perusual - I just sent it along to my grandkids all the same - such a gem. Thanks. Sis

-Donna D (12-21): david, this is so great!  you should write childrens' books!
-Gayle C-L (12-19): David,  This is soooo cool.  Love it !! 
-Linda K-C (12-18):  What an absolute treasure, for all of us. Love it.
-JML (12-18):  awesome dad, can't wait to read it to them later tonight. in fact, i may print it out in book form first. thanks a lot. love j…
-Ami G (12-18):  Very tense, but feel so relieved that there was such a happy ending!  Thanks!

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