Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Family Photo Album: L's Visit to Cincy

Dear George,
Our grandson L came with his dad to visit for a long weekend last week, and we had a special time.  L’s sister V (also 4) stayed home in New Orleans with their mom, so it was the first time we had a visit by L on his own.  Here’s some of the visual record.  

L was nervous about being in a new situation at first, but, with a little tickling from dad, it didn't take long to feel at home. 

L and the sheepdogs were curious about one another.

On Friday we went to the Museum Center at Union Terminal.  Here's L and Grandpa. 

The dinosaur exhibit was fantastic, and L loved the Omnimax movie about dinosaurs too.   

J and L did authentic dinosaur imitations afterwards.  

We got our strength back with four-ways at Camp Washington Chili. 

J read some Spiderman stories to L before bedtime. 

On Saturday we went to the zoo.

L's favorite was the Kimodo Dragon.

He also thought the gorilla statue was good. 

By the end of the zoo outing L was a little tired.

So we got our strength back with some four-ways at Skyline Chili. 

J went to a wedding on Saturday evening.  We were nervous about dad going off at first, but L and his grandparents had a great time playing with toys and watching "Superman II" on TV.  

L had cherry-rasberry pie and ice cream for breakfast on Sunday.

Then we took a trip to the Art Museum where the Mummy was a hit.  

At 5:30 it was time for goodbyes at the Dayton Airport.  And off they went. 

There were lots of other good times that we didn't capture on camera: going to see "Man of Steel" at the Kenwood Cinemas, an indoor picnic with Donna, ice cream at Graeter's, playing with 12-year-old Calvin at Jennifer's house, taking a walk on Ludlow Ave., L going with J to the post-wedding brunch, etc.  Our four days went by much too quickly, and Katja and I were quiet and sad on our way home from the airport.  But now we're looking forward to next time.


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-Linda C (6-25): Great , great pictures , what fun for him to have alone time with all of you, love the picture of L** and big sheep dog!

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