Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mike & Duffy, Usually Fluffy, Never Stuffy

Dear George,

So here are our sheepdogs, Mike and Duffy
They’re wonderful dogs to be sure
Duffy mistakenly thinks he’s a toughie
While Mikey is much more demure 

People ask how we keep the dogs straight
I tell them it’s easy as pie
Duffy’s gray ear is his own special trait
And Mikey’s white head, my oh my 

Mikey lies on his back all  day
I’m amazed he doesn’t get dizzy
When I say, Hey Mike, let’s go out and play
Mikey says, So sorry, I’m busy

Duffy is so very smart
He enjoys the New York Times
He doesn’t finish every part
He’s mostly reads about crimes

I walk with the dogs at least four times a day
We wander up this street and that
The dogs are never tempted to stray
Except when they see a black cat

Sophie is such a sweetheart
She’s our doggies’ younger sis
She is just so cute and smart
We like to give her a kiss

Each day when we walk to the plaza
We stop and rest at the fountain
Once we met a Tibetan Lhasa
Who lives on top of a mountain

The dogs are happy to be in the car
They bark and howl and sing
They think we’re traveling ever so far
But Cincy is hardly Peking

Here are the doggies at Sophie’s house
They like to come over and play
Buddy the cat sometimes catches a mouse
And that simply adds to the fray

Mike, Sophie, and Duffy are a three-dog pack
You’d have to say Duffy’s the king
Sophie, of course, picks up the slack
While Mikey just does his own thing

Here’s Katja and dogs on a trip to the park
Mt. Storm is a favorite location
With Katja the boys show a special spark
They think it’s their summer vacation

Katja feeds the dogs almost every day
It’s pellets and yucky meat
The dogs seem to think it’s pure gourmet
Who cares, so long as they eat

Most weekends we go to Eden Park
We walk by the lake and the trees
The dogs are so happy they never bark
And neither do the birds or the bees

The dogs in the bed are quite a sight
They fill up every morsel of space 
When I climb in bed and turn off the light
For my feet there is never a place

Katja and I have the dogs at the vet
I don’t think they’re really that sick
Being at the vet always makes me fret
I hope we get out of there quick

So that’s the story of our sweet guys
You can tell why we love them so
Eleven years old, time really flies
Doesn’t seem that long ago


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