Saturday, June 1, 2013

V and L in the Land of the Dinosaurs

Dear George,
Once upon a time, not that long ago, V and L were playing together at their kitchen table. Everything seemed like a normal day.  But it definitely wasn’t normal.  When they went out to play in the back yard, what did they find but a magical time machine.

L and V sat down in the time machine, and they pressed the button.  In less than the blink of an eye they went back in time two hundred million years.  They were not in New Orleans any more or even in America.  They were back in the Land of the Dinosaurs.

Everything looked different.  The trees were different.  The shrubs were different.  There were many strange animals the children had never seen before.  And there were no other human beings. 

L pointed up in the air.  “Look at that, V,” he said.  

There were gigantic birds flying around.  They were Jurassic birds, and they were almost as big as the children’s house.

V poked her stick into the lake to see what was under the water.

“Oh my gosh!” V said.  “Look at that.”  It was a prehistoric Pacoderm fish.  It was bigger than a hippopotamus.  V pulled her stick out of the water.  She didn’t want to catch that Pacoderm.

Just then a giant dinosaur came up to the children.  Her name was Mrs. Brontosaurus.  Everybody called her Brontie for short.  She said, “Oh children.  Perhaps you can help me.  I have lost the egg that contains my baby.  I am so afraid that the bad Tyrannosaurus will find it and eat it up.  There he is now.”  And she pointed over to the woods.

Tyrannousaurus was a giant dinosaur with very large sharp teeth.  He looked very scary, and he seemed to be searching for something.

V and L were scared of Tyrannosaurus.  But they said to Brontie, “We will help you, Mrs. Brontosaurus.  We will try to find your egg.”  

V and L began looking all around in the fields and the trees and the hedges.

All of a sudden V said, “I’ve found it.  I’ve found Brontie’s egg.”  

The children took the egg and put it on top of a big rock where it would be safe.  Then they went to tell Brontie.

V actually knew some dinosaur language.  So she said to Brontie, “Gesoop klumpowitz brack-brack kebong.”  In dinosaur language this meant: “L and I have found your egg.  It’s over here on this big rock.”

Brontie was completely thrilled.  She said, “You children are so wonderful.  I am so grateful.”

L said, “I am going to sit on this egg until it hatches.”  And that’s just what he did.

Minutes later the egg cracked open, and out came a baby dinosaur.

Just then who came rushing up but Tyrannosaurus.  He was very hungry, and he was looking for a baby dinosaur to eat.

V pulled out her blowgun and blew darts at Tyrannosaurus.

The darts just made Tyrannosaurus angry, and he charged up and knocked V down with his big nose.

V lay on the ground unconscious.

Just as Tyrannosaurus was about to pick V up with his sharp teeth, L pulled out his magic ray gun.  Pow!  Pow!  Zap!  Zap!  “Take that, you bad dinosaur!” he yelled.

L’s magic bullets knocked Tyrannosaurus out, and he fell to the ground unconscious.

L woke V up, and together they put Tyrannosaurus in a spaceship.  They sent him off to the moon where he could never threaten anyone again.

“We did it!” said L.  “We did it!” said V.  And the children were happy and proud.

V and L watched as Brontie and her baby walked off into the sunset.

Then they got back in the time machine, and – “Whoosh” – they were back home again in New Orleans.

Their mom and dad took L and V to Theo’s for pizza.  They were very amazed to hear about the children’s adventures in the Land of the Dinosaurs.  And they were very happy that they had come back home safely.

And that’s the end of the story.

G-mail Comments
-Terry O-S (6-7):  Hi David, Just checking to see that this new address is working; I never trust these things!!! I believe smoke signals were probably much more reliable.  Loved reading about your time in New Orleans and your grandchildren adventures.
-Phyllis S (6-3):  Dear Dave,  Charming story.  Loved the photos too. Especially the one of the dinosaur on his/her back.  Ready for June 15th Belleve sale?  Phyllis
-J.M.L. (6-3): That was great dad. Thank you a ton
-Linda C (6-1):  Fabulous David, really fabulous.
-Jennifer M (6-1): That's great.  :-)

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