Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Festival of Tulips

Dear George,
Spring is at its peak wherever you go in Cincinnati.  The zoo’s flower show is one of the very best places.

Monti Carlo Tulips

Monsella Tulip

Golden Apeldoorn Tulips

Banja Luka Tulips

Cherokee Princess Dogwood

Negrita Tulips

Monti Carlo Tulip

Apeldoorn Tulip

Monti Carlo Tulips

Negrita Tulip

Monsella Tulips

Daydream Tulips

Monsella Tulip

G-mail Comments
-Jennifer M (5-4):  When did you take these photos?  They’re beautiful!
-DL to Jennifer (5-6):  I took them on Wed., Apr. 30.  Actually they were at their peak about a week earlier, though the photos turned out o.k. 
-Linda C (5-4): You must be a month ahead of Lansing, how fun to see all the tulips and their names.  Going to CA Thursday, they had such a warm winter flowers are out earlier.

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